We will make you deliriously happy!

Eva Sweets (LLC) is a euro-style homey baking company with an ever expanding variety of sweet and indulgent pastries. We take pride in our top quality fresh ingredients and undivided professional attention to each pastry that stands at the core of all our marvelous sweets. 

With a bowl full of love, 10 cups of experience and topped with a whole lot of ‘yum’, Eva provides an abundance of pastries which are a good fit for your event, business meeting, cookie jar and most importantly your mouth!


We make all our pastries by order and trim the time between “out the oven” and “in your mouth” to a bare minimum.All our ingredients are freshly used; fruits, milk, eggs, flour, salt, sugar – no exceptions!We don’t use any preserving artificial materials; all you taste is the actual taste of our top-class ingredients. From the chocolate down to the flour - the freshness compliments the taste.


We buy all our produce and other ingredients locally. California is a great source of rich and healthy ingredients; nothing feels better then hand-selecting the fruits for our fruity deserts or knowing that the milk & eggs we use didn’t travel far before we buy and use them.   



Many of the pastries we consume occasionally in coffee shops or buy off the store shelves are actually processed versions of some classy original recipe.

The difference in taste and texture is mostly a result of ingredients used, and the actual magic of following the original instructions.

We track each of our pastry recipes back to its original source and preserve its high-quality taste & texture while introducing modern twists into it.

We would always attest to the high quality of our products but why bother when our numerous customers do it so much better then we do.